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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sometimes you just need quick & done projects

I think they fate of all quilt shop owners who have websites is to either pay someone to maintain theirs or spend a good majority of their sewing time updating the website. Since I take care of our site, it's really cut into my sewing time. Somehow you just can't get into a zone with the computer like you can the sewing machine - if you don't keep your eyes peeled on the computer, gremlins take it over and your whole day's work goes off into cyberspace somewhere - never to be seen again!

And there are times when you just need to sew, you just need to feel like you've accomplished something. None of these projects took me longer than two hours to complete but I FEEL like I actually did something tangible - unlike the website where I kindof know what I'm doing but sometimes don't . . . .

So, last week I revolted, ignored the website & stitched samples. Quick, easy samples mind you but I want points from the quilt goddesses that all are FINISHED EVEN THE BINDINGS! You can see all of these projects & others by going to www.quiltingpossibilities.net & clicking on the bouncing beach ball on the right hand side.

This is one of Karen Montgomery's pillow patterns that I made into a small wall hanging. As one of my customers told me - the sample "looks a whole lot better in person than that picture you've got up on the website!" I hate to admit it, but she's right - I'm a much better quilter than I am photographer. You can't see the shiny silver braid I couched as the firecracker's streamers - take my word for it, they're really neat! And if you look close, you can see the quilted stars in the border.

I saw this pattern at market and loved it! It's a perfect table runner for the Jersey Shore anytime during the year but especially during the summer. I had fun with the quilting on this making the fish look like they had scales. It's a pretty simple table runner but SO cute!

This is another of Karen's pillow patterns -
it's nice to have talented friends! We had the perfect watermelon fabric for the border, but sorry to say, we cut the last of it up for the kits.

This table runner isn't done in my colors - mine tend to be of the more Easter egg colors according to my children - but I love the line of fabric and eventually this will be a Christmas present for my sister-in-law.

So, feeling virtuous about the four samples I completed, today I brought home a lap size star quilt I designed. My grand plan is to baste & quilt it tomorrow. I'd orginally thought to do it on the HandiQuilter but since I've only mastered stippling on the HQ so far and this is a star quilt done in reproductions crying for straight line, utilitarian quilting - the home machine it is. Remember, the goal is to get this done tomorrow . . . . I'll let you know how far I get.

Until next time.

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