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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One of those days . . .

Yesterday I arrived at the shop a few minutes late to find I was actually an HOUR late for a fabric appointment with one of my favorite reps. Larry was sitting calmly eating the bagels he'd brought. I'd mixed up my dates and thought he was coming NEXT Tuesday - mind you the calendar said he was coming yesterday, I just never looked at it since I had in my mind he was coming next week. Sigh. Some days you just screw up & yesterday was one of them. Thankfully, he's a nice man, I apologized profusely and was forgiven!

Larry represents quite a few companies so when he comes it's an hours long fabric shopping event. And he's from the old school, fabrics are fanned & displayed precisely. He's also from the old school of no computer. His wife Julie, takes care of his emails, so when we called Lisa at Timeless Treasures for some information on Karen Montgomery's new line, she emailed it to me and then I FAXED it to Larry - since Julie is in FL waiting for a new grandbaby.

So we shopped P&B, then went to Marcus fabrics, then to Kona Bay, Clothworks and finally ended up with Timeless Treasures. A great new nautical line from P&B will arrive this summer and most of the rest was for late summer/fall delivery - except for some new tone on tones and reorders of flip flops coming soon.

While spending money with Larry, the UPS man & the FedEx man and then an 18 wheeler trailer truck were making deliveries in the back! The HQ Fusion - a 24" long arm machine FINALLY arrived but with a crushed box for the handles. So we have the frame, the machine but no way to run it. HQ was sending one right out but it won't be here until next week. Bummer!

Then the Bernina 820 arrived! We're going to get it set up today, stop by and check it out!

Before I knew it, it was 4 o'clock & time to go but the mail orders hadn't been done & Jim was still wrestling with a machine in the service area (he won & it finally runs right!) so we didn't get out of there until 5 and were back again for a 7 pm class.

I didn't move around much but my brain sure got a workout!

Till next time.

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