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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flowers in Fashion

Jim & I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show on Thurs. The oldest flower show in the nation, it's held the first week of March every year, perfect timing for those of us who need a perk in the middle of the winter blahs.

This year the show's theme was Italy and sections of the country were represented with different exhibits. As usual, all of the show was crowded by the most popular exhibit was by far the Milan display. Fashion was the theme and it was amazing! The shoes were amazing!

Moss insoles anyone? Or maybe petal cushions?

I immediately tried to picture my friend Sandy Brawner in these boots! She's from TX. But the later in a different display, I saw this pair - lime green, DEFINITELY Sandy boots!

Funky flip flops with faces!
And perfect for a hot summer night out - hot ORANGE flip flops!

Ok, I like high heels but I don't think I could walk in either of these even without the flowers!

These remind me of the phrase - "killer heels"! They look like they'd be worn by somone dangerous . . .

How long did it take someone to glue all that inside?

And these black heels? Definitely Madi Gras footwear!

I'll post more pics next time.


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