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Monday, January 5, 2009

No butler dang it.

If you've been following the http://www.myquiltvillage.com/ blog, you'll know that I wanted a butler for Christmas. No butler was under my tree, nor has one shown up yet. I've given up & resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to have to organize my sewing room myself. UGH!

But think about it for just a minute. A butler sounds like a way out, crazy idea but - do you really like organizing your kitchen cabinets? Can you REALLY find that piece of paper that absolutely has to be mailed today? Do you really like cooking EVERY night? Is your sewing space as organized as possible? Just looking at Karen Snyder's pictures on her Anna Lena Land blog is enough to make me lock the door to my sewing space and throw away the key. And it WAS really that neat when I visited her last spring. I'm thinking Karen has a butler . . .

I've been psyching myself up to tackle my sewing "studio" and I use that term VERY loosely! - by telling everyone who reads my weekly shop emails how to do theirs. Am I following my own advice, ummmm, NO. I did clean off my cutting table, well cleared a bigger space anyway.

No, I won't be showing you pictures (read the last blog about why would anyone show their messy house on designed to sell) until I shoveled out the junk that I've accumulated. I do like Karen Snyder's organization idea of 30 minutes every day. I just have to force myself to do it.

There are organized sewers who have a place for everything and everything is in it's place. They are far and few between mind you but they're out there somewhere. My new year's resolution is to get the sewing room at least presentable for the furnace guy & the sprinkler system guy who have to wade through it every year to get to the furnace & the electric box.

And I really want to be able to sit down and sew without having to clean something off the sewing table first. Maybe the thought of Lurch from the Adams Family as a butler isn't so bad after all . . . .


Karen Snyder said...

I DON'T have a butler, but if you find a source, let me know. And, hey, it's an hour a day, you slacker!

Karen Snyder said...

I DON'T have a butler! But if you find a source for cheap but efficient butlers, please let me know. It's too late to train Bob.

And, by the way, it's an hour a day--you slacker!

Joyce Siedentop said...

Years ago Circle of Friends hired a butler for their summer party. It was a cookout at one of the Members homes. Lewis did all the cooking, serving, cleaning up. It was wonderful. When one of the ladies got out of the pool he was standing there with a bathtowel to wrap her in, especially the younger ones. lol He also gave great foot massages. One of the members found him in the classifieds. We sure weren't use to that kind of treatment but I could learn in a hurry.