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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pictorial Quilts at Market

Isn't this GORGEOUS? Pictorial quilts are my favorite types of quilts and there were some absolutely gorgeous ones at this quilt market.

I really like the pictorials that are all fabric without painting on fabric. Somehow when it's painted, it's not really a quilt anymore to me, it's a painting . . . I'm sure I will incite all kinds of reactions with that statement!

This is a close up of the rock to the left. The piecing is amazing!

The wave on this quilt was AMAZING! Look at the piecing/applique in the close up.

Look at the thread painting detail here.

Someday when I have nothing else that absolutely has to be done right then, I'm going to pull out all the pictures I've taken & saved for pictorial quilts and I'm actually going to START one!

Until next time.

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BrendaLou said...

Debbie--the last quilt, "Beside the Still Waters"--won 3rd place at Houston-- was made by my good friend Pat Durbin. She began her teaching career in my shop and I encouraged her to write a book. Martingale published her first book, "Mosaic Picture Quilts" last year and will have another book about thread play, painting etc next year. She's a doll and advertises our store in every one of her newsletters. she's a joy to work with.